Safe return to work office layout planning

Adapting office to become socially distanced workplaces

What should a ‘Return to Work Roadmap’ consider?

Social distancing and screening in an officeThe purpose of a ‘Return to Work’ Roadmap is to examine and document how a business should modify its offices and workspaces. This should be done with all employees in mind with the aim of identifying and reducing risks. Undertaking such an assessment can be complex, so having a reference framework is invaluable throughout the process.

Download space-pod’s COVID-19 Return to Work Roadmap.

An example Return to Work Roadmap

With years of experience assessing and designing office spaces for all needs, we’ve worked with our clients to identify the 5 key areas all COVID-19 Return to Work Roadmaps should include. These are:

1 – Your Approach

  • Appoint a multi-disciplinary change management team.
  • Engage and follow-up with staff

2 – Your Policies and Procedures

  • Carry out an extensive review of current company policies and procedures
  • Set HSE compliant standards
  • Establish protocol

3 – Your Risk Assessments

  • Identify what business activities/situation might cause transmission of diseases
  • Consider who is at risk
  • Communicate to your staff

4 – The Scopes of Works

  • Set capacity limits and staffing levels
  • Re-assess floorplans
  • Re-orientate furniture
  • Implement a one-way traffic system
  • Install barriers/shields
  • Reduce touch points and shared items

5 – Consider the long term

Need help evaluating your workspace risks?

Creating a safe work environment for your staffLet us help you prepare your office space for with advice and expertise on physical, procedural and behavioural modifications to the workplace. From adapted layouts to allow for social distancing to testing booths and pods, safety acrylic screens, sanitisation stations, signage and contactless solutions. We deliver end-to-end, HSE compliant, solutions to get your workforce safely back to work.

An example adapted Layouts for social distancingOur Spatial Design team have been evaluating products and adaptive thinking and now have a variety of solutions to help get people back into the working environment.

We are working closely with our Clients and modifying existing work areas to support a phased return to the office and also looking at longer-term working solutions.

If you require assistance with modifying your current space and require an HSE compliant solution that allows you to bring your employees back into the work environment please complete the contact form below for a callback.

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    Knowledge Pod

    We’ve included some articles on this page relating to the coronavirus and following government guidelines on safe working.

    We aim to provide you with the most detailed and up-to-date information available and will be updating this section as the government advice is updated.


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