Lattes & Laptops: An Unbreakable Bond

It is near impossible to enter a café without swimming through a sea of laptops, bluetooth headsets and interviews. But is this always conducive to productivity?

The crucial and irrevocable fact is that the bond exists, and appears to be unbreakable, especially given that Wi-Fi is standard in most (if not all) high street coffee houses.

It is absolutely in-keeping with this series’ recent focus upon constant interconnectivity, agile working and Bleisure.

However, it is worth noting that perhaps NOT ALL people work best under these conditions. The pitfall of constant interconnectivity is a loss of privacy.

There is a risk that individuals may be distracted by collaboration rather than fuelled by it.

Our solution: Acoustic Muffling pods.


While the option to be interconnected at all times must be available for frictionless workspace to be adopted successfully. There is often need for an area free from distractions – think peace within interconnectivity – the eye of the storm, if you will…

Pods are something we have installed and serviced for several of our clients. They offer flexibility and appreciation of individuality, while suiting the dynamic requirements of frictionless working.

While lattes and laptops are married together for the foreseeable, space-pod appreciates that this isn’t necessarily the way all individuals work best.

Adaptive, disconnected environments are equally as important as connective and collaborative spaces. The key is knowing which environments facilitate the most effective ability to complete the required work for employees.

In short, workplace must be driven by function.

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