Acoustic Office Furniture Solutions

Acoustic pods, screens, ceiling baffles and wall panels

Creating a workspace that suits all

In today’s workplace the need for flexibility is key and fundamental to how people work and in fulfilling the requirements of different tasks. Therefore, managing sound levels in the office is essential in creating an environment that suits all and allows people to work comfortably.

Day-to Day Noise

Day-to-day noise levels in the office are often overlooked and become the norm, whether from the general office hubbub, computer equipment or phones. Noise, even if deemed to be subtle can cause increased levels of stress, the inability to concentrate and eventually have an impact on staff wellbeing and productivity.

Consideration to Neurodiversity

Since the pandemic, studies on Neurodiversity have shown that there is a growing requirement to create space within the working environment that allows people to work in a manner that suits them. For example: many people returning to the office found it too noisy and distracting causing stress and anxiety. So, providing areas that offer peace and quiet has become increasingly important, which in turn enhances staff wellbeing and productivity.

In need of an acoustic solution?

There are many solutions available, which when included in a workspace design will deliver a flexible workplace, reduce noise levels and enhance aesthetics too.

Talk to us about your options to provide an environment that offers both flexibility and creates a comfortable space whilst meeting the needs of the business including:

  • Acoustic pods
  • Acoustic screens
  • Ceiling baffles
  • Wall panels

Contact space-pod to find out more about how we can help you analyse your needs and your acoustic requirements or request a no-fee meeting to, evaluate your premises and show you how to get the best working environment for your people and your business.

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