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Breakout zones furniture, hot desks and office pods

Breakout spaces offer employees a variety of destinations for connection, collaboration, focus and innovation. People desire workspaces to call their own, even if it’s just for a short period of time. Access to choice between a private or semi-private workspace that allows someone to focus, a small team room with collaborative tools such as whiteboards and information-sharing technology and a work cafe for more social conversations, creates an eco-system of spaces, engaging employees all day long.

When used as part of our agile design solutions, the variety of hot-desking, office pods and breakout furniture options, including soft seating,  ensures employees are able to move around through a typical day. This plays an important role in supporting personal health and well-being whilst promoting productivity and alertness.

Ergonomic, tech-enabled, aesthetic and agile office furniture

Agile working practices demand dynamic environments and furniture products that support employees in choosing where and how they work. There is a wide variety of breakout furniture products available that cover the various agile supportive requirements. We specialise in selecting products from a wide range of suppliers that allows us to create a ‘blended’ environment that has exactly the right furniture products to fulfil your requirement and create your perfect agile environment.

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