Office storage options

Functional, adaptive and useful office storage options

Whilst storage requirements continue to reduce in todays typical working environment there’s still a requirement to store things. We supply a wide variety of storage products that allow you to store effectively, minimizing the amount of space required. Where we are able to use height we advocate taller storage units that maximise the return on your space.

Optimise your office space with storage

Beyond offering a wide variety of functional and robust storage, it can also assist in space division to break up larger areas, structure and optimize spaces, while supporting both focus work and collaboration. With countless space planning options it keeps on performing, even when the workplace is reconfigured.

We can supply a range of commercial storage options and sizes including:

  • Under and desk height pedestals
  • Side opening tambour door units
  • Hinged door units
  • Dividers and file frames
  • Drawer units
  • Stackable storage

Interested in office storage?

Contact space-pod to find out more about our commercial office storage options, to arrange a visit to our showroom or to talk more about your storage needs.

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