Ogilvy 4D

WPP Occupied Office Refurbishment

As a world-leader in creative communications within the healthcare sector, Ogilvy 4D (part of WPP) needed their office to reflect their brand strengths and create an environment which would energise staff and impress customers.

The project was a refurbishment of an occupied and very busy office, right in the heart of Oxford, UK and needed to be completed outside of normal working hours to ensure that there was no loss of productivity for staff.

We created a modern working environment, which was open plan with collaborative work spaces, stylish office furniture and Storagewall lockers built into the design, which also created effective, space-efficient room partitions.

Project Overview

space-pod work with Ogilvy 4D
Client: Ogilvy 4D (part of WPP)
Size: 3000 sq. ft.
Project Duration: 6 weeks
Location: Oxford, UK
Scope of project: Office CHURN, Office Refurbishment, Partitions & Glazing, Storagewall, Techo, Office Furniture, Office Branding

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