The Difference Between Space and Place

What makes a house a home?

A distinction – driven by feelings of belonging and security – enables us to give meaning to certain environments, but not to others.

A house can be a vacant building.

home is a secure and comforting bubble of belonging.

We are able to create a sense of belonging in environments such as our homes because we feel as if we own them, and therefore can contribute towards improving them. In turn, we are able to be more creative and functional when in them.

Interestingly, this highlights a two-way process between individuals and their environments. Where we spend effort making environments meaningful, so that environments give us meaning in return.

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Without wanting to get too ‘chicken and the egg’ about the whole thing… we understand that environments cause us to behave in a certain way. We feel varying levels of trust when in alien environments to when we are familiar with our surroundings.

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The importance of belonging

We encounter a barrier when entering a space we feel we do not belong in: inhibiting our ability to be creative. Unfortunately, many working environments struggle to allow their occupiers to extract meaning from them. They are vacant of motivation and productivity because the environment does not inspire this, and similarly, the environment cannot inspire them because users aren’t motivated to be there.

This is a vicious cycle, one that space-pod is passionate about dissolving and re-building in a positive frame. Should a working environment suit the ideals which allow users to derive meaning, they will feel more creative. In turn, creativity inspires continued pride in environment, transforming the relationship between person and environment.

Much like making an empty house a home, space-pod transforms spaces, into adaptive workplaces. Find out more about how space-pod design and build agile office spaces to reflect your business needs.

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