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Refurbishment of Occupied Office Space

Insights - 25-08-2015

Frameless Glazed Partitions

Polar – the only office frameless glazed partitioning system with patented “Bubble Joint Technology”. Available in straight striking lines, facets, or the most graceful curves.


Orbis: Single-glazed Office Partitioning

Sleek, symmetrical head and base tracks, complemented by a slim aluminium door frame and crystal clear dry joints, give the Orbis system a minimalist appearance.


Movable Walls & Sliding Partitions

A comprehensive range of sliding doors and movable partition systems including acoustic sound-dampening versions to minimise or totally isolate sound-transfer to surrounding spaces.


Partitioning Systems

A guide to our office and commercial space partitioning systems. Includes commercial glazed & solid partitioning, laminate & veneered doors, movable walls & storage wall.



StorageWall divides space, provides high volume storage and is totally flexible. Its optimisation of floor space endorses efficiency, cost-effectiveness and impressive storage capacity.


eBOOK – Office Ergonomics

Explore tools to help improve staff health, well-being and ultimately empower your company to perform better due to higher productivity and lower absenteeism.


The benefits of good commercial interior design and space productivity

Insights - 18-08-2015

Make your office wall partitions more flexible

Insights - 13-08-2015

Are you a Facility Manager who’s tired of working every weekend?

Insights - 06-08-2015