‘acoustic treatment’ is not the same thing as ‘soundproofing’

‘acoustic treatment’ is not the same thing as ‘soundproofing’

Most dance studios with their mirror-lined walls, large open spaces, and hardwood or tiled flooring suffer from poor acoustics.

With so many hard surfaces, some covered entirely with mirrors and windows, sound waves bounce off and back into the room.

This bouncing is known as echo or reverb and so often, these types of spaces have severe flutter echoes. As a result of problematic acoustics inside the dance studio space, the tendency is to turn the volume of the music up much too loud, shout louder and probably annoy the neighbours!

Space-pod provides a breadth of expertise in the construction of dance studio acoustics – ranging from new build construction to renovation and retro-fit work to help solve these acoustic problems.

It is very important to understand that acoustic treatment is not the same thing as soundproofing — a common misconception. As a general rule, the things you do to improve the listening accuracy of a room usually has negligible effect on the amount of sound that leaks into or out of that room.

Professionally designed acoustic treatment can make a real difference to a workable space. We ensure that each acoustic treatment is appropriate to the room use and as a result, we are confident our clients will quickly see the benefits of choosing Space-pod as their acoustic design specialist.

Whether building from scratch or converting an existing building, every client has their own physical and aesthetic requirements, as well as their own unique priorities.

We obtain a full brief outlining the client’s requirements before starting the design of any specialist facility. We help our clients to deal with the main problems associated with dance studio acoustics; noise transfer between spaces, unsuitable reverberation times, flutter echoes, standing waves, and high noise levels.

Oh yes and we test everything thoroughly!

Image of space-pod on-site team fully test the studio before handing over

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