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Christchurch: Collaboration from Crisis

Insights - 21-02-2019

Achieving Change

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The Difference Between Space and Place

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Lattes & Laptops: An Unbreakable Bond

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Artificial Intelligence: Professional Assistant or Domestic Distraction?

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Agile Working: the Product of Impatience

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Is Your Workplace Millennial ready?

Insights - 24-09-2018

Steelcase Gesture Office Chair

Whether large or small, the Steelcase Gesture office chair delivers personalised and custom comfort for all users in one simple solution.


People at The Heart of Business

Insights - 21-08-2018

Sitting is the New Smoking

Insights - 07-08-2018

Adaptive Workspace

Insights - 20-03-2018

Steelcase Office Seating Range

A complete high performance office seating range, designed to encourage movement, to support different postures and guarantee ergonomic comfort.


Techo Office Furniture Range

A modular, robust range of office desk systems and hot-desking solutions, which will look at home in any workplace.


Orangebox Office Furniture Range

A diverse, adaptable and stylish range of seating, partitions, office and reception furniture for today’s agile collaborative workplace.


Steelcase Desk Ergonomics Work Tools

Proper lighting, efficient organisational worktools and adjustable computer support tools give employees the ability to choose how and where they work.