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Steelcase Gesture Office Chair

Whether large or small, the Steelcase Gesture office chair delivers personalised and custom comfort for all users in one simple solution.


Steelcase Office Seating Range

A complete high performance office seating range, designed to encourage movement, to support different postures and guarantee ergonomic comfort.


Steelcase Desk Ergonomics Work Tools

Proper lighting, efficient organisational worktools and adjustable computer support tools give employees the ability to choose how and where they work.


Steelcase Freestanding Office Storage

A comprehensive and flexible way of meeting every office storage need. The universal design matches every Steelcase desk and space division range.


media:scape Tele-conferencing Solutions

Steelcase media:scape brings together people, space and information, to boost collaboration and help teams excel.


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Steelcase B-Free Reception Furniture

B-Free creates the kind of informal and conveniently adaptable office, meeting and reception spaces where teamwork comes naturally and collaboration and communication flourishes.


Steelcase Hot-Desking Bench Desks

Groups shrink, grow, and regroup all the time. Benching Solutions facilitate team’s need to adapt to the changing realities of business, without compromising on users’ well-being.


Steelcase Ology Sit-Stand Desk Range

The Ology sit-stand desk range makes it easy to change worksurface height and posture, and its convenient, intuitive controls encourage more health conscious behaviors.


Steelcase FlipTop Office Tables

Space optimisation is made easy with FlipTop tables. Its intuitive folding mechanism means they’re quickly installed and easily reconfigured by the users.


Steelcase Activa Sit-Stand Desk Range

Sit/Stand workstations. The Activa desk range is highly dynamic: healthy working with active alternation of standing and seated postures.


Steelcase Fusion Desk Range

Fusion is a family of office furniture elements that can satisfy the entire range of applications required by companies in their office environments.


Steelcase FrameOne Desk Range

The Steelcase FrameOne desk range has an elegant aesthetic with clean, simple lines and neat design touches that make a powerful statement in any work environment.