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Did you know? 80% of work will be collaborative within the next 10 years *

Collaborative working, also known as co-working, is one of the key business issues of our time. New technologies have transformed working life and a growing number of organisations recognise that successful collaboration enhances performance.

In Google’s case, about half of its 10,000 product development employees work in small co-working teams averaging three workers per team. Yet, many organisations struggle with a poor co working space or collaborative workspace environment.

*Source Jones Lang LaSalle IP, Inc. 2007, ‘Workplace Strategy’, quoting research by Gartner Dataquest

collaborative workspace - Picture of a team working collaboratively
collaborative workspace - Picture of Thames Water Project

It’s time to reconnect the disconnected workplace.

Space-pod can help your organisation to benefit from collaborative work space by creating work spaces, which not only look great – but which encourage and embrace a ‘High Performance Collaboration’ approach.

Knowledge development is a social activity. While people do work alone, the business of creating, evaluating and disseminating knowledge is in large part a shared enterprise.

Collaborative coworking can speed up productivity an the generation of new ideas.

Physical presence in the work place is important. Repeated studies show that informal interaction in the office is vital to building trust within a team. The tacit knowledge of a company is rarely documented or available on an database and can only be communicated face-to-face.

Up to six people is the optimum collaborative workspace team size.

As the size of a team increases, so does the difficulty in managing communication. Collaboration in pairs and small co-working teams allows for more frequent exchanges in less formal ways, which gets problems solved more quickly.

Technology is a key enabler to success. New technologies boost collaboration by helping individuals and teams to access and share digital information seamlessly.

In a world where communicating and collaborating is vital to success, the role of the workplace is to connect people, information, culture and tools.

It’s time to reconnect the disconnected workplace with collaborative workspace.

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Commercial space is a battleground. It’s a battle between ‘roundy’ humans and ‘squarey’ objects.

Work is becoming more collaborative.
Developing internal networks & effective knowledge sharing within organisations are increasingly important keys to higher productivity. A communication culture is one important key to delivering the strategic objectives of an organisation.

Work has more than one mode.
Space needs to be provided to suit a diversity of activities, be it for social interactions, group learning, focused tasks or collaborative teams. The most effective organisations of the future will provide all of these types of spaces with the balance that suits their workforce and purpose.

Technology is freeing us from the desk.
The rapid development of portable communication and computing has created a new breed of nomadic, knowledge worker. People will increasing be ‘on’ work rather than ‘at’ work as the link to a fixed place diminishes for more and more of us.

Employees value good workspace.
As we all become increasingly design conscious and spend longer periods at work, the quality of our workplace is of greater value to us. An organisation’s ability to attract and retain the very best people will be increasing linked to the environment it is able to provide.

Flexibility and agility are key.
The increasing need to maintain competitiveness is increasing the pressure to reduce the costs of space and operations. Designing the workplace to be flexible and agile can facilitate higher densities of occupation, increase space utilisation and ultimately provide more efficient buildings.

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We design and fit a wide range of collaborative working solutions to make the most of today’s collaborative co-working and hot desking culture.


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Collaborative working can speed up productivity and the generation of new ideas.

reconnect the disconnected workplace

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