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In an ever-changing office environment, how can you maximise efficiency, flexibility and productivity?

Wireless technology is redefining the workplace, giving people the freedom to move outside the traditional desk-based setting to a variety of different locations within the office environment. At the same time, companies are under continual pressure to make more efficient use of their workspaces.

With this in mind, we asked ourselves…

  • How can our products extend the office landscape to create more flexible meeting and co-working scenarios?
  • How can we reduce the need for expensive, inflexible static walls?

Architectural partition screens and office pods make this a reality

Our office pods and furniture systems extend and complement most office landscape by providing the opportunity to divide open spaces and create closed or partially closed rooms.

The partition screens’ variety of sizes and configurations means that for the first time, open plan spaces can deliver the same level of scope offered by the combination of fixed cellular space and open plan areas.

Image of two Orangebox meeting pod solutions
Picture of Cove Office Divider System by Orangebox

Office Pods & Collaborative Work Space benefits

Work in peace

Contemporary, open-plan collaborative working is increasingly popular and encourages better communication, but it has its challenges. Noise distraction and lack of privacy are a daily frustration and can reduce efficiency.

Be more adaptable

When, where and how will your organisation grow? Nobody knows the future. Our products build a more agile business, helping you adapt your environment at little or no cost. Whether it’s an increase in staff, a change of teams or other demands on space, our screens and office partitions can be moved and linked within minutes. Once in place, flexibility becomes permanent.

With change happening so rapidly, even three years from now is considered a long time into the future.

Why build walls?

Fixed partitions soon become obsolete, but our curved and straight screening partitions allow workspaces to flex and expand to suit your space, your people, your projects.

And when it’s time for new or bigger spaces, our products simply move with you.

Staff morale

The morale of your personnel is one of the most significant factors to affect your business, its performance and productivity. We ensure that we listen to your people and integrate their requirements into our schemes so that there is a boost to morale and productivity when completed.

What can you afford?

Ah yes – eventually it all comes down to the money. You would expect us at this point to tell you that space-pod is the perfect organisation to help you to explore your options and sort these issues, but here’s the good bit; space-pod can deliver all this, whilst improving your cash flow and REDUCING your operating costs at the same time!!

How space-pod delivers this

By overcoming budget limitations: We can spread the cost over 2 to 5 years so that you can get the solution that best meets your needs, rather than that which your budget dictates. You can pay monthly, quarterly or annually (to suit you) from your Revenue Budget rather than your fixed Operating Budget.

By easing your cash flow: Lease payments are fixed for the period allowing you to budget for one easy monthly or quarterly payment for your total office solution, including all furniture and works that we complete for you.

Orangebox ‘AIR’ and “AIRO’ Acoustic Office Pod Systems

Our award winning acoustic pod range are undoubtedly the most innovative, advanced and ground breaking flexible pod systems on the market today!

The aesthetic design of AIR3 (pictured opposite) is a combination of high quality glass and soft acoustic panelling, creating a greater level of insulation and speech privacy. Interchangeable panels allow you to swap, change and refresh your colours and fabrics anytime, giving AIR3 a unique and fresh look.

Looking beyond these fundamentals the further enhanced design features of the ‘AIRO’ pod (shown at the top of the page). AIRO is a revolutionary and internationally patented opening roof system featuring an advanced fire safety system for sprinklered office environments.

It closes and opens in 8 seconds and enhances the airflow allowing users to manually control the release of heat build up and enabling instant fresh air. Tested to the most stringent of Global Building Regulations and Standards this roof is not an obstruction to office sprinklers and ticks all the boxes to concerns highlighted by our international clients.

Airea meeting pods & furniture systems

Airea meeting pods & furniture systems extend and complement space-pod office schemes by providing the opportunity to divide open spaces and create closed or partially closed rooms. The screens’ variety of sizes and configurations means that for the first time, open plan spaces can deliver the same level of scope offered by the combination of fixed cellular space and open plan areas.

Not only that, their complete flexibility and simple assembly means that you can experiment, alter and fine-tune your office configuration to suit the requirements of a particular team or project, easily and effectively.

Image of Orangebox Air Acoustic Office Pod
Image of Orangebox ‘Away From The Desk’ Office Task Seating

Orangebox ‘Away From The Desk’ Office Task Seating Systems

‘Away from the desk’ is a clever and very versatile soft upholstery system which answers the needs of our rapidly changing workplace as we migrate away from the predominance of the personal desk, with its fixed and tethered technology.

Individual spaces seamlessly integrate with larger, more collaborative working configurations, at lounge, table or café height. Facilitating, both concentrated personal work and collaborative team work.

Orangebox ‘Cove’ Office Divider Screen Systems

Cove combines tabling, seating and screening in a system of configurations that offers workspace for different scenarios from touchdown to resource.

Cove is perfect for when you need to change or expand systems – simply break down and re-configure, no need to buy new. With configurations allow for collaborating and resource working it is the ideal flexible solution for open plan spaces or study areas.

Cove combines vertical surfaces with soft seating to create a natural balance of speech absorption and reflection – allowing for complete acoustic control. Soft vertical wall materials absorb sound, reduce reverberation and act as a barrier to office noise.

Image of the Orangebox Cove office divider system
Image of two of the Orangebox

Orangebox ‘Bay’ Office Divider Screen Systems

In a workplace that’s constantly changing and evolving, it’s critical to generate flexible privacy through mobile screening.

Our ‘Bay’ system offers a comprehensive range of screens with upholstery and acrylic in fills. Bay is available in 3 height options, 1270mm 1570mm 1870mm creating varying privacy levels from seated to standing height.

Mezzanine Floors

Having purchased or leased your premises, why not maximise your internal volume by installing a mezzanine floor?

adding space with mezzanine floors

CHURN Refurbishment

‘Out of hours office churn’ means moving, re-fitting or relocating occupied offices at a time when they’re not being used.

we can restructure your office over a weekend

Collaborative Workspaces

Collaborative working can speed up productivity and the generation of new ideas.

reconnect the disconnected workplace

Space Planning

The right use of space can make as much impact on your business as the right choice of people.

how productive is your office space?


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