Suspended Ceilings & Lighting Schemes


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Image of the installation of a commercial office suspended ceiling

suspended ceilings

Space-pod uses a comprehensive range of mineral, metal and plaster tiles as well as grid systems and accessories from the industry’s major manufacturers.

The ‘Treetex’ suspended ceilings range are the height of ceiling excellence! For swift installations and flexible spaces, there’s a ceiling solution for every commercial installation (offices, acoustic, education, healthcare, retail) in the range of Treetex suspended ceilings. Treetex mineral fibre ceiling tiles have been used in the UK for more than 50 years, making it one of the longest established and most trusted brands in the industry. To meet the changing demands of the commercial suspended ceilings industry and a satisfy today’s demands and customer requirements, a new range of performance related tiles has been introduced and are all available through Space-pod.

The suspended ceilings range now includes tiles, grid, modular lighting and access panels together with fixings and accessories for virtually every modular exposed grid ceiling installation. With the addition of three new performance tiles, the Treetex range can now provide enhanced levels of fire resistance, humidity resistance and sound attentuation.

Where appropriate, the products that we use have been tested or assessed by independent accredited laboratories and meet the relevant British Standards. This means that we can always be confident that the Treetex suspended ceilings products that we install are of the highest quality and will perform exactly as required.

lighting schemes

Designing and applying effective lighting means shaping the environment that people work in. Good lighting creates the best possible perceptual conditions. It can increase work performance and allows for safe orientation; it gives a sense of well-being and offers an aesthetic experience.

We use a mix of the very latest energy-efficient ‘space’ lighting, combined with stylish ‘task’ lighting to ensure effective working/viewing areas and will often add a little ‘disney-dust’ lighting with something bespoke for the interiors scheme that we have created.

Producing lighting which conforms to standards is by no means a work of art. However, this quantitative design approach often fails to recognise the complex and subjective perceptual processes of users and observers alike. Once we have outline architectural plans for a project, space-pod will produce fully scheduled lighting schemes. These working drawings can then be used to establish a budget, enable installation and act as a record of the project for later maintenance.

Picture of bespoke office lighting scheme

Mezzanine Floors

Having purchased or leased your premises, why not maximise your internal volume by installing a mezzanine floor?

adding space with mezzanine floors

CHURN Refurbishment

‘Out of hours office churn’ means moving, re-fitting or relocating occupied offices at a time when they’re not being used.

we can restructure your office over a weekend

Collaborative Workspaces

Collaborative working can speed up productivity and the generation of new ideas.

reconnect the disconnected workplace

Space Planning

The right use of space can make as much impact on your business as the right choice of people.

how productive is your office space?


Space-pod accepts our responsibility to work safely, cleanly and in a way which is caring to our staff, our customers, our community and the environment.

We have introduced a number of initiatives designed to continuously improve our quality, health & safety and environmental performance, to ensure that our staff are safe and give our customers confidence and peace-of-mind that we will act responsibly at all times. READ MORE >