Is your office lease expiring in 2015?

Decision Time – Your commercial office lease is expiring?

This is often a difficult time for business owners. Do you move to a new premises when your commercial office lease is expiring, which perhaps would fit your needs better or sign a new lease to avoid the upheaval and disruption that a move would cause?

Space-pod can help you to make the right choice for your business.

Property Evaluation:
When space-pod works with organisations who are considering relocating, our input works in two ways. First, we evaluate your current premises to appraise how they meet with your current criteria and by careful planning we can often accommodate your requirements within your existing premises.

Secondly, if you decide that you have to move then we can help you to evaluate alternate premises and prepare trial schemes on your short-listed buildings against a pre-determined set of criteria that underpin your business objectives. Taking this exercise forward, we can then point-score each of the premises against each other to give a mathematical output of which building is most suitable for you.

Building/location Constraints:
Often we find that the ‘ideal’ building/location does not exist when we are evaluating buildings against your criteria. In these circumstances are able to work within most building or location constraints by providing intelligent, well-thought-out schemes that can make the best of any location – whatever the circumstances.

When you have made your decision:
With the decision to move or stay-put made, we will then ensure that the space that you have chosen to work in is as productive as possible. By listening to you and discussing how your office performs we can make suggestions that will make your workspace more productive. These may be as simple as looking at desk layouts or storage requirements. People rarely perform well in an uncomfortable environment. The right use of space can make as much impact on your business as the right choice of people.

Call 01628 535 790 to request a no-fee meeting to analyse your needs, evaluate your premises and show you how to get your people and space working in perfect harmony.

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Kevin Parker

For over 30 years, Kevin Parker, Founder of space-pod, has been a champion of productive and inspiring workplaces. As designer and industry leader, he starts by getting to know his clients, their business, vision and culture to produce working environments that support agile working and employee wellbeing. Kevin is passionate about the detail and delivering workspaces that are resilient to change, harness growth and, above all, where people collaborate, focus, rejuvenate and thrive. Specialties: Creative Interior Design, Specialist in improving space utilisation and productivity, Champion for implementing new ways of working and collaboration spaces, Change Management, Project Management, Acoustic Interiors Specialist