Commercial washroom design and fit-out

A stylish, high performance washroom range, which meets the needs of today’s commercial spaces.

Space-pod work with Komfort to create a commercial washroom range that reflects quality, innovative product design and high performance that meet the needs of today’s commercial spaces.

The space-pod and Komfort commercial washroom range

The range consists of 4 individual products:

  • Outline – a minimal framed cubicle system.
  • Outline Sheer – incorporates back painted glass for partitions and doors within the
  • Outline frame Stature – a full height solid cubicle system with the option of utilising an overpanel.
  • Solo – a fully integrated unisex cubicle including vanity and wash area.

The range brings together a sense of comfort, luxury and privacy to the commercial space. The latest trends in modern bathroom design, materials and colour combine with the eco and technological credentials demanded of the modern washroom. Infra red, touch free and LED technology ensure your commercial washrooms are efficient eco spaces with plenty of contemporary style.

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We design and fit a wide range of commercial washroom solutions to make the most of your existing office space or design for any type of space.

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Kevin Parker

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