What can Disney teach us about our workspace?

In a conversation with Urban Media’s Elton Boocock earlier this week, we talked about the different areas of his recently refurbished 2 story office space.

It’s a great space: The ground floor emulates a coffee shop and boasts a comfortable seating area as well as a table large enough to easily accommodate 8-10 people. Behind this, sits their glass-walled boardroom complete with AV and screens, providing Urban Media with the stage to demonstrate their work to visiting clients.

Walt Disney Quote
Walt Disney Quote

Disney use the concept of “on stage” and “off stage” areas; areas for visitors and areas for staff to use.
For many modern offices, this approach to segregating space, ensures that both “on stage” (areas for meeting and entertaining clients) and “off stage” (functional areas for members of staff) are catered for.

It all comes down to optimising the workspace to provide that magical mix of inspiring design, functionality and flexibility. When it’s done right, it attracts and retains staff and clients alike.