Interior Graphics, Decal & Signage

We understand the importance of ensuring that the little details are right in every design scheme that we design and build – something that helps us create impact and enhance the brand values for our customers.

We have many tools and skills which we use to deliver impact and make staff and visitors smile whenever they enter.
These include:

  • The very highest quality interior decoration.
  • Digitally printed, bespoke designed wallpapers.
  • Glass manifestations.
  • Living walls.
  • Internal and external branding and signage.
  • Porthole windows.
  • Creative finishing touches.

We can be completely flexible on what wall coverings we use, but normally specify wall coverings from Muraspec and Tektura, two of the UK’s leading wall covering manufacturers.

These wall coverings provide a decorative and durable finish to our partition solid panels and other interior surfaces. We like these ranges because they enable us to ensure that there is a style available to suit every budget and design concept. The variety of colours and finishes will complement your selection of partition system framework and features to enhance the overall scheme.

Our wall coverings range features:
The choice of colours and finishes is vast, but the most common selections are from:

  • Paper backed vinyl’s for general office areas.
  • General duty washable surface.
  • Fabric backed vinyl’s for heavy traffic areas.
  • A more durable washable surface.

Alongside the decorative wall coverings are also practical solutions for other specific environments:

Antibacterial wall coverings, for use in hospitals and clean room areas.
Dry wipe MemErase FR, a write-on, wipe-off wall covering.
Anti-graffiti wall covering, a highly stain-resistant easy-to-clean wall finish.

With the latest technology, our large format digital printing is the highest quality available.

For interior, exterior or glazing signage, we can print on a wide range of media including specialist papers, wallpaper rolls and canvas wraps (printing onto canvas).

Giant graphics can be produced. These can be mounted and finished on a wide variety of media from lightweight board to aluminium composite.

A selection of our materials:

  • Smooth-finish roll wallpaper
  • Textured-finish roll wallpaper
  • Satin inkjet paper 190gsm
  • Gloss inkjet paper 195gsm
  • Extra heavyweight inket paper
  • Watercolour paper
  • Textured watercolour paper
  • Matt white canvas
  • Self-adhesive vinyl
  • Clear self-adhesive vinyl
  • Backlit transparency film
  • Transparent window vinyl
  • Transparent vinyl
  • Fire-rated banner vinyl
  • Outdoor banner vinyl
  • Self adhesive removable fabric

Interior living walls provide a brilliant splash of colour in any commercial, retail or office environment. As long as the light is good enough we can supply a wide range of interior plants that will thrive and look fantastic.

All the walls need regular maintenance and larger ones are supplied with an automatic, computer controlled irrigation system.

Preserved Moss Walls interior graphics

Our interior preserved moss walls are very popular. The moss we use is grown sustainably, harvested and preserved using a selection of harmless ingredients including Glycerine and Dye. This means that the moss is now lifeless, however due to the natural process of osmosis the preserving ingredients are taken into the plant which replaces the natural cell structure. As one of the ingredients is glycerine the moss maintains its soft natural feel, while the dyes stabilise the colour, but the moss is not UV resistant so direct sunlight should be avoided along with area’s of high humidity/heat or cold should be avoided (min 15 degrees C – max 35 degrees C). So the Preserved Moss does not require watering!!!

The moss is applied to an interior grade MDF board as standard or Strawboard as an Eco option, we can create contours on the surface if required, leave the surface natural or even mix the flat moss and pole moss together if a design is required.

The Moss interior graphics panels are supplied with raw edges so that they can be fitted into a recess or have a bespoke frame manufactured and applied (quoted for separately) as we are aware that everyones requirements are different.

We can create any size, shape or even design a interior graphics scheme for you.

Having purchased or leased your premises, why not maximise your internal volume by installing a mezzanine floor?

‘Out of hours office churn’ means moving, re-fitting or relocating occupied offices at a time when they’re not being used.

Collaborative working can speed up productivity and the generation of new ideas.

The right use of space can make as much impact on your business as the right choice of people.

Space-pod accepts our responsibility to work safely, cleanly and in a way which is caring to our staff, our customers, our community and the environment.

We have introduced a number of initiatives designed to continuously improve our quality, health & safety and environmental performance, to ensure that our staff are safe and give our customers confidence and peace-of-mind that we will act responsibly at all times.

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Kevin Parker

For over 30 years, Kevin Parker, Founder of space-pod, has been a champion of productive and inspiring workplaces. As designer and industry leader, he starts by getting to know his clients, their business, vision and culture to produce working environments that support agile working and employee wellbeing. Kevin is passionate about the detail and delivering workspaces that are resilient to change, harness growth and, above all, where people collaborate, focus, rejuvenate and thrive. Specialties: Creative Interior Design, Specialist in improving space utilisation and productivity, Champion for implementing new ways of working and collaboration spaces, Change Management, Project Management, Acoustic Interiors Specialist