Post BREXIT: What to do when you are losing people or need to reduce space

In this increasingly challenging post-brexit economy, it is not only the public sector that are losing people or need to reduce space.

Many large corporate companies are preparing for, or are already undergoing extensive office downsizing programmes which will see a reduction in both office space and staff numbers.

Property can be one of the biggest liabilities on the balance sheet, albeit not every organisation will own their own property; most will lease the property over a long term and commit expense on the P&L. While it is clearly a business asset which does give support and value to the organisation, in the current post brexit economic climate, some property can equally be seen as an increasingly underutilised, inefficient liability that is a drain on the changing organisational needs and effectiveness of the business. Almost without exception, organisations are following similar routes in driving their office plans even harder to meet growing demands for greater savings and to make up for the diminishing receipts.

As staff levels decrease, empty office space increases. Downsizing initiatives not only centre on the need to dispose of existing surplus and poor performing properties, but they must also embrace the need to accommodate fewer people in more effective ways. Whilst the current property market may not be conducive to major disposal of infrastructure, there are opportunities which can be found if organisations re-evaluate and re-focus on creating new and innovative space saving initiatives.

At space-pod we can help to assess not only how to deal with surplus office space:
One option would be to re-define and re-fit your office space to make it suitable to sublet . We can also help assess the remaining space to allow the workforce to perform more effectively. New working practices can also integrate advanced technology with ‘thinking outside the box’ design, incorporating hot-desking, pods and break out zones to encourage collaborative working, positive interaction and increased levels of motivation.

This is at the core of what space-pod does and we have already helped many SME’s and larger organisations to downsize and maximise reduced working spaces, whilst also achieving some notable productivity and working environment improvements.

To find out how, just fill-in our contact form or call us on 01628 535 790 and let’s talk!

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Kevin Parker

For over 30 years, Kevin Parker, Founder of space-pod, has been a champion of productive and inspiring workplaces. As designer and industry leader, he starts by getting to know his clients, their business, vision and culture to produce working environments that support agile working and employee wellbeing. Kevin is passionate about the detail and delivering workspaces that are resilient to change, harness growth and, above all, where people collaborate, focus, rejuvenate and thrive. Specialties: Creative Interior Design, Specialist in improving space utilisation and productivity, Champion for implementing new ways of working and collaboration spaces, Change Management, Project Management, Acoustic Interiors Specialist