Ergonomics – Do you really feel your best at work?

Ergonomics – Do you really feel your best at work?

New technologies and work demands have a direct effect on the way we use office space. Employees once completed most of their work behind a desk; today they use space more freely as they go about activities such as short meetings, brainstorming sessions and private conversations. They also spend a lot of their time out of the office.

Image showing the stresses on our body when sitting at a deskHow can ergonomics help you be more productive and more comfortable?
The challenge of modern office design is to foster communication, encourage learning and innova-tion, stimulate creativity, speed up decision-making and improve work processes.

We use ergonomics to respect people’s different work needs and ways of working, designing the workstation for the individual. This will improve your people’s health and well-being, and ultimately empower your company to perform better due to higher productivity and lower absenteeism.

Ergonomics – The user-centered approach
Today there is more diversity than ever in the workspace. Differences in gender, physique, age, ethnicity, culture and personal taste all place a unique demand on the modern office environment.

We’re all individuals
Research shows that when sitting, people who have the same height and weight, can have totally different builds. As well as being tallest, the Dutch men are the thinnest, with an average weight of 76 kg. French women have the lowest average weight and height!

That’s why we have a user-centered approach to the workspace. Everything we do is designed to empower people in their diverse work styles by meeting their ergonomic requirements and personal preferences. No two people are the same. Differences in sex, height, weight and geographical origin all affect each person’s physical shape and build. What’s more, in Europe we’re getting taller and heavier, and at a faster rate than you might think. Since 2002, the average EU citizen has increased by 1 cm in height and up to 2,7 kg in weight!