Tax-efficient and cost effective

Finance solutions for your office refurbishment and furniture

You don’t have to use cash or bank loans to fund your new office furniture or refurbishment project. Leasing is a tax-efficient and cost effective method of achieving your ideal workspace whilst retaining cash in the business – an idea solution for owner occupiers.

Benefits of using lease finance

MAXIMISE CASHFLOW – leasing means no large up-front payment so cash can be retained in your business.

FIXED MONTHLY PAYMENTS – allows accurate budgeting and effective forecasting. Payments are fixed for the duration of the lease with no unexpected variations such as increase in interest rates.

PAY FOR THE ASSET AS YOU USE IT – flexible solutions can match the lease of the fit-out to the building lease or up to the break in your lease.

PAYMENTS ARE 100% TAX ALLOWABLE – payments are 100% allowable against taxable profit, making it the most tax efficient method of financing.

EXISTING BANK CREDIT LINES ARE UNAFFECTED – bank credit lines are left intact.

QUICK DECISIONS – securing a lease facility can be far quicker than obtaining a bank loan or overdraft extension.

THE BEST SOLUTIONS FOR YOUR BUSINESS – leasing allows you the specification of your choice and avoids short term compromises.

We work in partnership with our FCS accredited funding providers.

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