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Office Task Chairs - Task Seating for the Office

Smart working and healthy seating is important: 46% of Europeans complain about back pain at least once per week.

Everything about the seating in the cockpit of a jet fighter aircraft or a Formula 1 racing car is designed for top performance. At Space-pod we adopt the same approach in specifying office seating solutions.

We offer a large range of ergonomic and sustainable seating ranges: adjustable Office Task Chairs – comfortable and stackable visitor seats – elegant executive chairs – modular and comfortable lounge seating.

Orangebox Ara Office Task Chairs

Ara is the first office task chair developed and manufactured in Europe to achieve Cradle to Cradle accreditation, but this is only the beginning.

Cradle to Cradle sets new standards of environmental accountability and offers an optimistic agenda of how we can manufacture products in a world of increasingly scarce resources.

Ara offers three back specification options, mesh which has been developed to achieve a soft touch and is designed using materials and assembly techniques which deliver a long and useful life, while facilitating effective recycling. The ergonomic refinement of the mesh comes from its ability to locally deform to the shape of your back to provide superb support over a large contact area.

A polymer back which has a combination of colour choices and an upholstered seat and back, available in the fabric of your choice.

Creating a office task chairs family with design clarity and refined performance to ensure the award winning Ara achieves universal appeal. And because we’re all different shapes and sizes, a height and depth adjustable lumbar pad can be specified to help fine tune the support if needed.

Picture of Orangebox Ara Office Task Chairs
Picture of Orangebox Do Office Task Chairs

Orangebox Do Office Task Chairs

‘Do’ is the result of us taking a completely fresh look at task chair design and we’ve worked hard to do more with less; less material, fewer parts & fewer product miles than ever before whilst still delivering the very best quality and performance.

It goes without saying that people come in all shapes & sizes and with shared work-spaces becoming increasingly common, the need for simple, adaptable seating is more important than ever. User-centred design and a weight balancing mechanism mean there’s no longer a multitude of knobs & levers to find and interpret. While we’ve increased the range of adjustment we can offer, we’ve also simplified how it’s delivered so the chair is easier to set up and use.

The result is a chair with real invention; in the materials we’ve used, in the way it is assembled & transported, and in the performance it delivers.

Orangebox Flo Office Chair

Flo is designed for maximum fit with minimum fuss and uncomplicated set up. With its market leading index system for individual accurate set up and wide range of travel adjustment features the chair is ideal for shared workstations.

The Flo outperforms other chairs for use with small and taller users and with new contouring on the seat and a new flat ergonomic base and extended gas lift, the Flo ensures the widest range of users can work more productively.

The chair will nest under many footrests and can incorporate a foot ring adjusted low down, and can be used with height adjustable desks for much taller users or for those adopting a more sit stand working pattern. Awarded for ‘ergonomics excellence’ by FIRA, the chair also has a proven track record in resolving occupational health issues.

Picture of Orangebox Flo Office Task Chair
Picture of Orangebox G24 Office Task Chair

Orangebox G24 Office Chair

One of our most successful task chairs for over eight years, G64 has set new standards for this market sector. Its precision engineering delivers a chair of proven longevity, with 98% of its parts recyclable.

No two work places are the same and the G64 family can cater for everything from call centres to executive offices, depending on the product specification.

Steelcase Gesture Office Chair

The first chair designed to support our interactions with today’s technologies. It was inspired by the movement of the human body. Created for the way we work today.

Technology is the single greatest force driving the changes in the way we work, live and behave. The new, multiple devices we deploy throughout our work day allow us to flow between tasks, fluidly, and frequently.

Research: Global Posture Study
Steelcase undertook a global posture study in 11 countries, observing 2000 people in a wide range of postures, and uncovered nine new postures as a result of new technologies and new behaviors. They studied how the human body interacts with technologies and how it responds as workers shift from one device to another. Research revealed ergonomic implications that, if not adequately addressed, can cause pain and discomfort for workers.

Because these new postures are not adequately supported, workers are uncomfortable, in pain and doing long-term harm to their bodies. While technology helps productivity, it can cause pain that disrupts our work, our ability to concentrate and be creative.

Based on this research, Steelcase designed Gesture to support posture changes specifically influenced by technology devices we use today.

Picture of Steelcase Gesture Office Chair
Picture of Orangebox Joy Office Chair

Orangebox Joy Office Chair

‘Joy’ displays the technical attributes of more expensive products, in a surprisingly affordable package. Its form, contours and proportions are the result of Orangebox’s continuous ergonomic research. The result, irrespective of your own body shape or size, is a level of comfort and performance previously unavailable for this class of product.

Orangebox now offers Joy as a Carbon-offset product when specified in the Camira Oxygen Fabric. This means that the equivalent quantity of carbon generated in producing a Joy chair has been saved by investment in sustainable energy projects making Joy a Climate Neutral product (in association with Climate Care).

Steelcase Leap Office Chair

Leap is our Stellecase’s ergonomic office chair. In a year-long study, people who received Leap chairs and office ergonomics training achieved a 17.8% increase in productivity. It shows how it reduces lower back pain, discomfort and musculo-skeletal disorders.

  • The flexible backrest ensures that the back is always fully supported.
  • The separate upper and lower back controls can be adjusted to provide full support to any user.
  • The dynamic seat takes the pressure off the lumbar vertebrae when reclining.
  • The optional headrest relieves pressure in the neck.
  • Sustainability: Leap is 98% recyclable and contains no hazardous materials.

Different versions:

  • Task chair – headrest available in option
  • Executive task chair – headrest available in option
  • Task chair 24/7 with a highly resistant fabric – headrest available in option
  • Task chair Leap Plus for users weighing up to 230Kg

Environmental Life Cycle Assessment:
The Leap is manufactured in Sarrebourg, France, by Steelcase.
Thanks to the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) method, Steelcase can quantify the product’s environmental impacts to set the stage forfurther improvements. This method, based on ISO 14044, is selected by the European Union for environmental evaluation. It allows us to measure the environmental impact of our products throughout their lifecycle.

Picture of Steelcase Leap Office Chair
Picture of Steelcase Please Office Chair

Steelcase Please Office Chair

The ‘Please’ task chair is the only Steelcase office chair with two separate backrests. It offers an unequalled level of comfort. It balances comfort, beauty and freedom of movement. Thanks to precise and intuitive adjustment controls, the chair adapts to the user.

  • The patented synchronised tilting mechanism (LTC²) gives independent support to the lumbar, thoracic cervical regions.
  • Please offers advanced adjustments: seat height and depth, armrest height, depth and pivot.
  • Sustainability: Please is eco-designed and is 99% recyclable.

Different versions:

  • Task chair – headrest available in option
  • Executive task chair – headrest available in option

Environmental Life Cycle Assessment:
The Please is manufactured in Sarrebourg, France, by Steelcase. Thanks to the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) method, Steelcase can quantify the product’s environmental impacts to set the stage for further improvements. This method, based on ISO 14044, is selected by the European Union for environmental evaluation. It allows us to measure the environmental impact of our products throughout their lifecycle.

Techo Sidz T50 Office Task Chair

Sidiz T50 is a chair that will adjust to your size, shape and weight, helping to prevent musculoskeletal problems that can arise from a static sitting position. A curved backrest with mesh infill aids airflow to the back keeping the user cool.

The independent seat pan and backrest respond to natural body movements and body changes, and the user is able to adjust settings with easy-to-use paddle controls.

Picture of Techo Sidz T50 Office Task Chair

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