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StorageWall Office Partitioning & Storage Solutions

StorageWall (or Storage Wall as many call it) is a fully integrated office storage and room division system, designed to fill floor-to-ceiling spaces.

StorageWall is constructed from co-ordinating modules, which not only provide effective, space-saving storage and room division, but also delivers effective office ‘acoustic’ separation. StorageWall is stylish and practical because it not only divides space, but it also delivers high volume storage and is totally flexible. Its modular, so StorageWall can grow, adapt or even relocate as your requirements change. It is a truly brilliant and cost-effective way to optimise your floor space efficiently, in addition to adding extensive storage capacity.

Space-pod’s StorageWall solutions include walk-though doors, so you can use this effective storage solution to divide rooms or offices. Call space-pod today to find out how our StorageWall solutions can best fit your office interior so that you can minimise the high cost of square-footage office space and have the office storage that you always wanted.

Space-pod StorageWall System Features:

  • Complete storage system.
  • Stylish, space-saving practicality, which create unique office environments.
  • Wide range of wood-finish and solid colours.
  • Elements can be styled or branded with our bespoke office graphics, logo branding or total-coverage images or photography.
  • Extensive choice of door furniture including shaped doors which are available in a number of contrasting finishes.
  • Pass-through doors.
  • Effective room-divider solution.
Picture of Space-pod StorageWall System
Picture of Steelcase Implicit freestanding office storage

Steelcase Implicit freestanding office storage

Implicit personal storage is a range that offers the following pedestal configurations: supporting, juxtaposed and mobile in a choice of two designs. It supports flexibility within the workplace. It’s large range of external and internal accessories creates storage possibilities for both personal and office items.

The clean architectural design and the option to mix materials (steel, melamine and veneer) means it can adapt to any style easily. The cushion top supports collaboration at the desk. The new binder pedestal is the perfect solution for storing binders and personal belongings.

On selected finishes, Implicit offers Seamless Edge which creates an elegant, durable and more sustainable edgeband solution.

Sustainability: Implicit is up to 98 % (steel version) and 97 % (melamine version) recyclable by weight. Both versions are free from hazardous materials.

Different versions
3 models: supporting, juxtaposed and mobile pedestals

  • Available in Standard and Premium design options.
  • 2 height options and 2 depth options for mobile pedestals.
  • The supporting/juxtaposed versions fits several Steelcase desks.
  • Available with or without cushion.
  • Various different colour options and finishes in melamine, steel and veneer.
  • 7 different handles available.

Steelcase Share It Modular Office Storage System

Share It delivers personal storage, team storage, meeting point solutions and lockers. Share It can be also used as space dividers, structuring workspaces.

Share It is modular and offers endless planning possibilities:

  • The range enhances collaboration providing communication platforms (Glass fronts can be written on and modules can support impromptu meetings).
  • Share It helps people concentrate thanks to acoustics absorbing surfaces.
  • It offers wide range of finishes for different workplace ambiances (elegant with thin door look & sleek and simple).
  • On selected finishes, Share It offers Seamless Edge, which creates an elegant, durable and more sustainable edgeband solution.
  • Sustainability: Share It is eco-designed and is 99% recyclable.

Different versions

  • Side-opening tambour doors, sliding doors, hinged doors, open shelves, drawer unit, meeting point.
  • Various configurations adaptable to different demands.
  • Variety of accent colours and surfaces on the fronts.
Picture of Steelcase Share It Modular Office Storage System

Mezzanine Floors

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CHURN Refurbishment

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Collaborative Workspaces

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Space Planning

The right use of space can make as much impact on your business as the right choice of people.

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