People at The Heart of Business

NEWSFLASH! People matter. There are 3 fundamental aspects that we instinctively know about people:

1. Time – we never act purely in the moment, our current behaviour is always influenced by memories and/or anticipation of what will happen in the future. Therefore, we are resistant to rapid change.
2. Meaning – we actively engage with our environment to seek meaning and understand what we can contribute to a situation.
3. Identity – we can give or withhold knowledge depending upon how we feel. Therefore, trusting and feeling inspired by work is essential to support being creative and productive.

So why have I wasted your time telling you something you already know?

Well… despite these 3 aspects being common knowledge, they’re universally ignored by organisations in the following ways:
1. Time – management operates on short timescales, despite knowing this does not suit how people work best.
2. Meaning – working environments are pitted with mixed meanings where managerial rhetoric falls short of organisational reality.
3. Identity – organisations acknowledge individuality but organisations fail to build trust and commitment.

It’s simple. If you miss out people from any workspace equation, it doesn’t add up. People are pivotal.

Organisations are responsible for ensuring that these 3 instinctive aspects of the human condition are not taken for granted. Space-pod passionately understands that working environments contribute immensely to time management, meaning enhancement and inspire the celebration of individuality.

We look forward to assisting organisations in transforming common knowledge about people into a common reality in the workspace.

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