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Maintenance for offices, industrial units and commercial premises

Image of a Commercial Suspended Ceilings installation

At space-pod we recognise that when care, attention and diligence has gone into the creation of an organisation’s spaces, an equal amount of effort is needed in maintaining the integrity of that environment.

As a result we have created a portfolio of commercial building maintenance services aimed at those responsible for the upkeep of properties.

For many involved in the care of properties, the services available are reactive – a problem or breakdown occurs and quality is measured by how quickly the right professional can attend to the issue and fix it.

pod-care is different; whilst it can and does provide reactive services, the commercial building maintenance objective of pod-care is to try to eliminate the breakdown before it happens. By utilising a mixture of on-line performance alarms, servicing, and historical analysis based on estimated product lifetimes, we can eliminate the disruption caused by failures – and in doing so, often save money.

Our full service commercial building maintenance provision for the entire property, inside and out, pro-active and reactive, ideal for those clients who wish to subcontract their property maintenance to a trusted partner. Alternatively, clients can select any of the services offered by pod-care and create a tailor-made provision that interleaves into existing in-house facilities.

Call space-pod today on 01628 535 790 or get in-touch via our quick-fill enquiry form and explore how a bespoke pod-care commercial building maintenance package will benefit your operation.


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