ACM – The Academy of Contemporary Music

Music School Refurbishment

A complete acoustic refurbishment and fit-out of the ACM ‘Academy of Contemporary Music’ Artist Development Centre in Guildford, Surrey UK.

The brief was complicated by being split over three floors; A basement level, where we constructed a suite of music practice rooms. Floors 2 and 3, where we created individual music studio and performance areas.

The complication came with Floor 1, sandwiched in-between the areas where the music school was to operate and the ground floor, being a TESCO Metro.

This meant that we had to create an acoustically sound-proofed environment, with zero sound transfer between floors.

Project Overview

ACM The Academy of Contemporary Music
Client: ACM - The Academy of Contemporary Music
Size: 8000 sq. ft.
Project Duration: 14 weeks
Date: September 2011
Location: Guildford, UK
Scope of project: Creative & Bespoke Interior Design, Specialist Acoustic Refurbishment, Commercial Refurbishment, Partitions & Glazing, Branding & Decoration, Specialist Lighting, AV Suite Installation

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