Laine Theatre Arts

Dance School Refurbishment

As part of Laine Theatre Arts expansion, they were adding additional, bespoke dance studio teaching suites close to their base Epsom, Surrey UK and turned to space-pod to help them achieve this.

The brief was to create modern, purpose-built dance studios, which would eliminate all solid transfer of sound to other parts of the building and surrounding properties.

A dance studio is inherently full of sound; instructors’ voices, music and stomping feet… this can create a noisy space. Most dance studios with their mirror-lined walls, large open spaces and hardwood or tiled flooring suffer from poor acoustics. Hard surfaces, mirrors and windows make sound waves bounce off them and back into the room. The tendency when this happens is usually to just turn the volume of the music up and shout louder!

Space-pod were able to create a specialist, acoustically dampened environment to avoid this and ensure that the new dance studios are a fantastic place to learn, to teach and to be a neighbour of.

As you can see in the photographs, our acoustic refurbishment specialists also thoroughly tested the dance studio when it was completed! 😎

Project Overview

Laine Theatre Arts logo
Client: Laine Theatre Arts
Size: 6000 sq. ft.
Project Duration: 12 Weeks
Date: August 2012
Location: Epsom, Surrey, UK
Scope of project: Acoustic Refurbishment, Partitions & Glazing, Branding, Audio / Visual

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