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Boosting Employee Engagement: Your Office Environment Matters

At organisations throughout the world, employee disengagement is like a bad virus—difficult to diagnose, contagious and tough to cure.Worldwide, actively disengaged workers continue to outnumber engaged ones at a rate of nearly 2-to-1, according to Gallup’s most recent 142-country study, “The State of the Global Workplace.” Unhappy and unproductive, disengaged employees are unlikely to make positive contributions and their negativity tends to spread with alarming ramifications. Conversely, engaged employees are more productive, have lower turnover rates, lower absenteeism and drive higher profits—they’re what every organization needs to thrive.

Gallup’s findings indicate that one important way to help boost employee engagement is to focus on their wellbeing. And Steelcase studies have shown that place matters: The physical work environment can have a strong impact on employee wellbeing and engagement.

Data from a recent Steelcase commissioned study conducted by the global research firm IPSOS of 10,500 workers in 14 countries throughout the world provide a wake-up call for any leaders who think work environments are not a high priority—employees who are highly satisfied with the places they work are also the most highly engaged.

Highly-disengaged employees are not satisfied with their work environment.

What the study revealed

My work environment does not allow me to…

  • Concentrate easily > 85%
  • Feel a sense of belonging to my company and its culture > 84%
  • Easily and freely express and share my ideas > 84%
  • Work in teams without being interrupted or disrupted > 87%
  • Feel relaxed, calm > 85%
  • Choose where to work within the office, based on the task I am doing >86%
  • Physically move during the day and change postures > 57%
Move around easily through-out the day > 59%
  • Accommodate mobile workers > 79%
Socialize and have informal, relaxed conversations with colleagues > 65%

The Steelcase-commissioned survey conducted by the global research firm IPSOS of 10,500 workers shows a strong correlation between employees’ satisfaction with their work environment and their level of engagement. Those most engaged were also the most satisfied with their work environment.

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Kevin Parker

For over 30 years, Kevin Parker, Founder of space-pod, has been a champion of productive and inspiring workplaces. As designer and industry leader, he starts by getting to know his clients, their business, vision and culture to produce working environments that support agile working and employee wellbeing. Kevin is passionate about the detail and delivering workspaces that are resilient to change, harness growth and, above all, where people collaborate, focus, rejuvenate and thrive. Specialties: Creative Interior Design, Specialist in improving space utilisation and productivity, Champion for implementing new ways of working and collaboration spaces, Change Management, Project Management, Acoustic Interiors Specialist