Sound-proofing an office or studio space – how we do it

Sound-proofing using acoustic floors, doors & ceiling panels.

  • Sound-proofing with acoustic floors and ceilings are constructed using standard stud/ track or wood with resilient crossbars and acoustic plasterboard panels.


  • The important bit is that we also ensure that metal on metal is separated using rubber gaskets/strips. It is also constructed to make a ‘box’ within a ‘box.
  • The doors are usually 50mm solid 1-hour fire doors with a double-glazed vision panel (6mm toughened glass with a 10mm air gap).
  • On larger windows we also angle the glass against each other to ensure that the noise waves are re-directed.
    In addition, all our acoustic doors have acoustic seals fitted to all edges including the base.
  • Door frames are split vertically and joined with acoustic foam.

Music school refurbishment examples

The Academy of Contemporary Music (ACM)

A complete acoustic refurbishment and fit-out of the ACM ‘Academy of Contemporary Music’ Artist Development Centre in Guildford, Surrey UK.

The brief was complicated by being split over three floors; A basement level, where we constructed a suite of music practice rooms. Floors 2 and 3, where we created individual music studio and performance areas.

The complication came with Floor 1, sandwiched in-between the areas where the music school was to operate and the ground floor, being a TESCO Metro.

This meant that we had to create an acoustically sound-proofed environment, with zero sound transfer between floors.

View ACM’s post-refurbishment results.

The Institute of Contemporary Music (ICMP)

Space-pod were engaged to design the space, utilising all available areas to deliver and install a contemporary environment that aligned with ICMP’s ambitions and look and feel, whilst at the same time ensuring detailed acoustic design separated the various elements of the scheme allowing tuition to be carried out in a variety of environments with no crossover between rooms and through the building fabric.

The new space features expanded studio capability, new post-production facilities, as well as multi-functional rooms suitable for low-volume individual and band rehearsals, plus additional writing, production and collaboration rooms. ICMP’s Learning Resource Centre space and services was expanded, providing greater student study and research opportunities. Overall, the design of the space is more student-centric, featuring a greater number of communal areas, all devised with an improved sense of flow and community to encourage and enhance collaboration opportunities among students.

The project had to be delivered fast track from when the building extension was completed in May 2018 and ready for the next intake of 1200 students in September 2018.

Detailed pre-design and intense project management ensured that he school was handed over on time and operational from day 1.

View ICMP’s post-refurbishment results.

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